Friday, January 23, 2009

BBC decides it will not air a fund-raising appeal for Gaza

The BBC, along with other broadcasters in the UK, decided against airing a fund raising appeal for Gaza arguing it would compromise their "public confidence and impartiality". (Source)

In unrelated news, a Miss World finalist has had her hands and feet amputated due to a rare virus she caught which was, unfortunately, misdiagnosed and eventually lead to the amputation. I have decided against providing a link to a charity dedicated to helping the handicapped in order for my blog not to lose its public confidence and impartiality... I do not want my blog to take the side of the virus or the handicapped in order for it to stay 'objective' and 'accurate'.

When did journalistic integrity and rationality go out of style?

If providing an outlet for humanitarian support to victims is undermining impartiality,then the only impartiality this effects, is the one which separates compassion & mercy from mercilessness & tyranny.
Impartial is another word for being fair. How can avoiding to make decisions that compel you to choose between compassion and tyranny, be avoided by claiming that it will undermine your fairness? By avoiding to make such decisions you have, by your own avoidance, made an unfair and partial decision. Which, in effect, shakes the confidence the public had in you. Shame on you, BBC.

Gaza fund-raising Appeal
Handicapped Charity

UPDATE: BBC defends its decision after it was criticised.
UPDATE II: Brazilian model who lost hands,feet to infection dies.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Song for Gaza

Check out the Artist's site HERE for full lyrics and bio.

And yes, I am still alive (in case anyone was wondering that :P).