Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I will be in Oman tomorrow...

I will go to visit my good friend Blue-Chi in Oman tomorrow and I will be staying there for 3 days. For this momentous occasion, I have created this blog http://3daysinoman.blogspot.com where I will be live blogging my impressions of Oman as I see it through my 100% Qatari eyes (well, technically 50% Qatari eyes, since my Mom was Saudi before my Dad married her but anyway).

Everynight, Blue-Chi & I Will post a simple schedule of places we are going to visit the next day (including estimated times, locations in Muscat, etc), so if you want to witness a Qatari specimen walking amongst you just make sure to keep visiting that blog throughout these upcoming three days (Tue 29th till Fri 1st of Aug). Also, I would love to meet my readers and fellow bloggers who happen to be in Oman. So if you happen to be in Oman during that time and have some free time to kill plus willingness to meet a Qatari nobody with his fellow Omani friend; you will know where & how to find us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Graduated Yesterday!

It never sunk in. I never really felt like I made it. When I got my results and realised I passed, my reaction was not what you would expect. I did not call my family to tell them about this good news or jump up and down in joy. I literally went "oh..." in my head, then proceeded to do what I usually do at that time of day - switched on Arrested Development and ate lunch.

Weeks later, I still didn't feel anything regarding my achievement. It was anti-climatic if anything. I looked forward to starting my job, my real life but nothing else really. I went to my graduation yesterday ( you can check out the free streaming HERE click on the Monday 14th of July 1:30pm ceremony, Cardiff Law School - turn to the 13:00 minute to skip the boring intro. I am actually the 6th guy they call out (the one who mistakenly has his tie under his white graduation scarf) which is pretty cool). When I put my graduation robe earlier that morning, I felt nothing. Went to my graduation ceremony hall, sat down and felt nothing. Went next to the stage, my name got called out, walked on stage & shook the Head Master's hands but still felt nothing. You can literally see it in the Graduation streaming(Click HERE for Broadband & HERE for Dial-up, skip to 13:00 min I am Mo (6th guy called out)), I looked like I was walking to Starbucks or to the grocery store, was not nervous at all. When I went to sit down after the "hand shake and receivement", I felt like I just wasted my time and my family's time (whom I am truly grateful to, for making the time and effort to come see me). I just kept dozing off after I sat down, losing any hope that I would get any sense of satisfaction or relief for all the hard work that I put into my studies. That is until the last sentence that the last presenter in the ceremony said, where she stated something like:

"... Confident that your studies have been a valuable contribution to your lives, and a determination that your talents will be used in the service of humanity"

That's when it hit me. When it really sunk in. I felt a sense of relief. All my hard work did not go to waste after all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday, July 04, 2008

I got published again

This time in an academic journal. To be more specific, "The Cardiff University Student Law Journal". Here is a picture of the cover.

Also, this time they actually published my real name! Check it out:

For people who actually want to read my published essay in full, Click Here. I have to warn you though, it is quite dry and full of grammatical mistakes since I wrote this essay, including its necessary research, in less than two days (and apparently the Journal's editor isn't very good because most of the essays in this journal contained grammatical & spelling mistakes). It's ironic really, that the essay I spent the shortest amount of time & effort on, gets to be the one that earns me the highest grade out of all my other essays, & gets published too. I tried applying this technique (of rushing through my essay in two days) for my land law assignment this year and it did not turn out as well. The good thing though, was that it was a non-assessed essay so I guess I was saved.