Monday, August 27, 2007

A post from a city called Crewe...

How did i get here? Why? Where is it located exactly? ... Well, let me first tell you the trigger that caused the series of events that ultimately led me to Crewe.

I woke up to the sound of my mobile ringing louder than it ever did. I Extended my arm and hit the answer button. "hello?" i said almost incomprehensibly. "hey Mo, are you still asleep?"
"Yes i was ..."
"i see... How are you?"
"i'm doing fine thanks"
"you are coming to us in london like your father said right?"
"sure, yes... It's just that i ruined my sleeping schedule and would bother my brother (who sleeps in the same room as me in the hotel in london). Why don't i just meet you guys in heathrow airport
? I can just use the heathrow express train..."
"no, your dad wants you here... And don't worry about your brother he does not(have "nafs 5aysah") an attitude or is quickly irritable as he doesnt mind you using the tv ir you making any noise while he's asleep (clearly calling me a guy with nafs 5aysah as i have complained to her once about him switchin on the tv on al jazeera while i was asleep once... I'm a light sleeper... And would rather not sleep while subconsciously listening to reports about people dying in the middle east) alright?"
i was wide awake now, shocked and a little scarred. I fell silent for a couple of seconds then simply said, "inshallah"
then she hung up.

apparently i have a nafs 5aysah... She knows me best, as they say. Needless to say, i couldn't get what she said out of my mind. I know I shouldnt make a big deal out of this but i simply couldn't think of anything else for the whole day.

I went to the train station with my bags. Got on to the train and started reading my novel. Next thing i hear was the train stewardess asking me where i was heading. "to london paddington" i said immediatly. She replied, "no you're not."
"i'm not?" i said hesitantly. "no you have to take the mornin train from Crewe".
"Crewe... Where is that?"
"it's near manchester."
then she left. I took the wrong train as clearly, my mind was pre-occupied with other things.

i called 118118 as soon as i reached Crewe and got the # to a taxi company. Called for a cab and headed to the exit. I waited for a few min while i looked around. I instantly spotted a big red sign that says "Royal Hotel". So i instinctively worked towards it (and ignored the taxi company's missed cal)l.

and there you have it. I am writing this post using my mobile in my 25 pound a night room in royal hotel.

I am catchin a train from here at 6 am to london eustone then change to london paddington.

i will add a picture of my room when/if i reach home safely.

and also if something happens to me i want my preordered copy of halo 3 to be donated to someone who will appreciate it as much as i would.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My never ending summer in Qatar...

Here is how my never ending summer in the land where time stands still (except if you're in traffic of course, in which case time goes twice as fast just so that you end up late) develops. So check this out, the other day I didn't go to sleep. You see I like to do productive things in my free time so instead of sleeping at night like everyone else... I instead, choose not to. And yes, that is as close as I got this summer to a productive activity. Impressive, I know. so anyway, at around 6am I thought i would just leave the house and go to Costa Coffee because my allergy from the damn cat that likes to sit in the front porch 24/7 is getting much worse these past few days and plus I wanted to finish this novel I started readin. I put my clothes on, opened the front door and I saw the most horrific thing you can imagine. There was... you know what? I will let the picture I took with my mobile do the talking.

The slut had kittens...

And guess where they set up base? exactly outside the front door. My allergy was getting worse because of the damn extra kittens.
So after the food poisoning I now cannot sit in the living room downstairs with my family for very long b/c that's when the cat allergy kicks in thanks to the slut and her kittens leaning on the front door from outside... I bet the kitten are bastards too. I see no father coming to check up on them.

Poor bastards are going to get bullied in highschool. Especially the black one... I could kick them off the front porch... but they look so young and helpless so I just just decided to sacrifice my health at least till they go to college or something. The black one looks like a scholar. And the kitten taking a peak from behind the wall (upper left hand corner of the pic) she'll end up a slut like her mom... I can feel it.