Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My last post got a record number of ZERO comments. I am so glad I made a big enough dent in the blogosphere to reach this record number of comments. Man I am so pumped to write bigger, better and badder posts now that I got this record number of comments. I mean, wow. Zero.

I guess I shouldn't expect anyone to comment straight away. It has only been a day since I published the last post. I haven't updated this blog for so long so it's only natural that the actual visitor who used to log in, kind of realised the delusional state he was in and snapped out of his dementia. Because surely, anyone who enjoys my ramblings clearly needs to go to psychotherapy. And I would advice sooner rather than later too. Trust me, I know what my ramblings could lead to.

So, now that I have insulted my last visitor away from ever visiting this blog, I will commence to again, assure ... well, myself now... that I will continue posting. And regularly. Also, I ordered Getting Things Done as per my friend's recommendation, thus it can only mean even more posts because when I think productivity, I think useless blog.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My battle with boredom...

I have been battling with boredom for what seems like forever now. I open my eyes every morning and hear my inner voice say in an excited tone, "Neat-o, you're up! Boy do I have a great schedule for you today." Apparently, my inner voice is one that belongs to an American sitcom kid character from the 70s. Think Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch "Do you want to hear it?" the voice continues. "Alright. Fir... st .... he... hell!...hello?... teh..con..nection...s.....bad...can't..." then silence. The line is dead. I try to summon my inner voice again but I get the all too familiar machine asking me to record my message after the *BEEP*. I usually hang up after the beep but I thought what the hell. "umm hello? inner voice? I know you're there... Tell me what's on my schedule today? what am I suppose to do first? your voice skipped and I didnt quite catch any of the last part, sir. I am sure a 21 yr old man like myself has plenty to do in a summer as wonderful as this one. I have to admit I am getting the impression that you staged the bad connection scenario because you have no schedule for me. And also, because we are not really on a phone line. You are merely but a figment of my imagination. Anyway, if that is the case, I am afraid you will have to pay... very neato-ly. Call me as soon as u get this." Then I mentally hang up. I thought if I said something that ridiculed his word choices on the answering machine whilst threatening him it will have all the more impact. But sadly the only person ridiculed by my neato word plug was myself.

I get up from bed and instinctively head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face then do my morning push-ups. I then commence to take a quick shower and wait for my inner voice to reply to my message. 15 minutes after my shower and still no call or txt message. "It looks like the only thing I can do today is hang out with my friends... AGAIN" I think to myself. "Oh but wait, I forgot about the unbelievable traffic outside." "You know what!? I will not go out" I state out loud. "I will simply stay in today and read my novel."


This has been more or less what I've been doing every day for the past 2 months. If you think that this post is a bit weird well, then you are right! it is. Do you know why though? it's because today is a weird day. Check this out. I decide to read my novel this morning in Starbucks. Nothing weird about that. After ordering my latte and waiting for my drink to be done however, this philipino staff member, whom I can only nicely describe as gay with a high pitched voice, as he was walking passed me from behind said, out of the blue, "you shouldn't eat lots of chicken, sir". I swear I am not making this up. This is weird because I didn't order chicken, hell I don't think starbucks served chicken nor am I remotely fat. I turned around and he was cleaning the table so I thought he must've been talking to someone else. But he wasn't. Apparently when he realised that I didnt fathom what he said he came to me, pointed at my arms and said "this is because you eat lots of chicken"... I thought this is not helpful is he speaking metaphorically or something? is my arms suppose to symbolise the arms that's crushing chickens due to the bird flu virus? then I looked down at my arms and it all made sense. He was referring to the spots on my arms, or should I say pimples or zits.
Nothing major or worth all this hassle but damn couldn't he think of a better opening to this conversation other than "don't eat lots of chicken, sir"? I mean I can think of a few myself. Like, here is one, how about he approaches me from the front and say "Hello"? Or better yet, instead of approaching me he could mind his freaking business and just not approach me!!?

In conclusion, I would like to apologise to my reader(s) for the lack of new posts that was caused by my boredom over-taking my very being and soul. I have good news though. I am back. And with a vengeance. I will be posting regularly and we can beat the wretched boredom together. Whose with me!?