Thursday, February 08, 2007

There I was at 2am in the morning...

Working on my 6000 word essay on how prisons are used as a social control bla bla blaa when I suddenly got fed up and decided to take a little break and check out ebay to see how much those Ricky Gervais Fame Stand Up tour tickets are going for. I knew they were going to be expensive especially since he broke the record for "ticket sales for a live concert tour" where 100,000 tickets were sold in 9 minutes! I was lucky though, I found an amazing bargain!

I am going to go in 30 minutes to watch my favourite comedian doing stand up! Isn't this amazing!? especially since my seat is in a great position check it out.
My seat is in Block 2 row CC which is 3 rows from the stage AND is in the middle!



I just came back. Firstly, it turns out that row CC actually is about 24 rows back not 3 rows back . I found that out after the girl who actually has a seat on the 3rd row came and told me its her seat I'm sitting in. Secondly, I go back to find the seat I'm suppose to sit on and I find some guy already sitting on it. At that moment I thought to myself, "haha! now the tables have changed, now I am going to be the embarassor instead of the embarassee!". I told him that the seat was mine in a "it's ok you're not that stupid" kind of tone. He shows me his ticket and it turns out, it actually is his seat. Click on the ticket picture above and u'll see why. The date on the ticket is 8th of March not 8th of Feb. Ricky Gervais is doing two shows in Cardiff one today and the other next month. Being the idiot that I am, I just assumed the ticket I bought from ebay is for the feb one.

Anyway, I went and spoke to the reception and they were nice enough to find me a seat at the back. I barely could see Ricky...But at least I could hear him. Which after taking that picture I wish I didn't since he made jokes about his opinion on God ........... Lets just say they weren't in sync with my opinions.
He also repeated some of the jokes he made in talk show programs like Late show with David Letterman. Besides that though, it was a good stand-up comedy show.

In conclusion, 2 years ago a friend of mine told me that he honestly thinks he is smarter than me and I honestly got a bit offended. I thought how could he be so sure? Well, now I know...

Yours truly,
The idiot