Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The ramblings of a mad man!

I was sitting on the plane with my head down, really pondering the possibility of the existence of life on other planets and how weird it would be to actually see an alien etc. Then a voice from the speakers started regurgitating the typical speech before lift off "bla bla... incase of an emergency please look at the instruction video that is playing on the screens located in front of you”. I look up at the screen and there was a clip of an elephant on fire ... I am not kidding! I looked closer and the elephant was not actually on fire but had candles on his head.

I then realised that I do not really care about seeing aliens anymore... there are people who put candles on elephant's heads, you just cannot get any weirder than that. I want to meet those people.

P.S. 5 min or so after the elephant clip, the real instructional video came on. Do not get me started on that clip. Those people in the instructional video are always depicted with a smile in their little faces even though they always seem to end up in the same extremely dangerous situations. Some people just never learn.