Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Therapy

This is a poem I wrote. The previous post is what inspired me to do this. It turned out more therapeutic than I had anticipated. Hence, the name of the poem "My Therapy". Hope it doesn't suck that much...

I am not looking to aggrieve, nor am I looking for love,

I am looking for peace within myself

I am not looking to make someone proud, nor look upon a cloud

All I want is happiness

Flatter yourself not, I am not looking for adoration either

All I want is happiness

You would think, seeing you would be hard now

But all I feel is regret

Nothing is stopping me from finding happiness

So why am I writing this?

I cannot still have feelings for you

What about my ego? What about my pride?

You did not want to be friends, let alone anything else

Am I that pathetic, that sad; unable to even forget you?

Am I deemed incapable to befriend

Or is awkwardness forcing you to avoid me?

Do I really feel regret when I see you

Or is it easier to believe that I do?

Is my pride disguising what I really feel;

Could I be in love with you?

I do not know what love means

All I know is that this is as close as I've ever been

You never gave me a chance to get to know you,

Not as a friend or as anything else

You have done nothing but avoid me

When I have done everything to befriend you

How can I be in love with you

After all I've been through

It all makes sense now, I am not in love with you,

I am in love with what I imagined you to be

All those daydreams, all those sleepless nights,

Caused by an imaginary person

Never in my life have I ever loved you,It is what I envisioned you to be,

which I've loved, all along


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here is a song that really touched my heart...

Its an arabic song I translated. This is amatuer work and in no way indicative of what the author of the lyrics meant when he wrote them. It is my adaptation or my understanding of his song translated in Engish. The song was sang by Rashed Al-Majed and it was beautifully written and articulated (in arabic) by the recently deceased Talal Al-Rasheed who was shot dead when he was ambushed by an armed group in Algeria. He was hunting for gazelles and other animals in that area. Talal was known for his bedawin style lyrics in his poems. A very wealthy Saudi Arabian man who comes from a family that once ruled the northern part of what we now know as Saudia Arabia back when it was not united yet. The Al-Saoud family (the current rulers of Saudia Arabia) are responsible for uniting all of the land that we all now call The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. But anyway back to the song... here is my translation to it. The song is called 'allamteni' which means "You taught me."

You taught me how to love, you taught me how to care,

Teach me how to forget you, teach me how to neglect you

Oh sea how I'm lost in you

Both shore and mooring line

Come over, come over

Rub my tears away and go

Come over, come over

Bring me another heart and go

Come over, come over

If you remember the wounds

Oh oppressor of looks

How stingy you are at giving them

When I have given you both eyes and eyelids

That's the bed and there's the bed covers

Oh wound where do I begin

When you've been with me since my birth

My arms refused to abide

It refused to wave goodbye to you

Just teach me how to be all but dried up

Since I was unable to teach you how to be loyal

Oh sea I'm so lost in you

Both shore and mooring line

You taught me how to love, how to care

Teach me how to forget you and teach me how to neglect you

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Never in my life have I seen such an exceptionally well executed piece of work like this one

Season Five of 24 exceeds in almost every area over ALL (that's right ALL) other TV shows. Let me put it this way, Season Five of 24 has raised the bar so high that it is no longer fair to compare any other TV show to it. AAA Hollywood action movies hope to reach the exceptional high quality that 24 has set this season.

It has a wonderful cast of actors who not only bring the characters to life but actually make you believe that these absolutely horrific circumstance may occur in a single day, which is no easy task!

It starts with an almost unprecedented season opener that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I remember I was eating my dinner when I stuck the first disc in my DVD player and hit the play button. 5 minutes or so into the episode my jaw dropped to the floor with half chewed food still in my mouth (my brother did not appreciate that very much) and I couldn't close my mouth for the next 10 minutes (By that time my bro. had had enough and left the room).

After watching that episode, I couldn't help but think to myself that the plot can only go downhill from there because how can you top that? Well the next few episodes completely blew that theory out of the water. There is a constant stream of twists and surprises that are both completely unpredictable and very satisfying. Half way through the season it got so good I seriously wandered if it was illegal for any TV series to be this good. Season Five is absolutely phenomenal!

If you haven't seen any of the previous seasons and are wandering whether that would hinder your almost imminent enjoyment of this fine work then you would be glad to hear that the season premier has a small recap at the beginning of the episode that does a very good job at bringing you up to speed and summarises pretty well, the events that led to the certain state of affairs that the characters are already in.
Yes, you would understand this season better if you saw the previous season/s first but it will NOT hinder your enjoyment if you didn't.

This season got 5 Emmy Awards including Best Drama. Go buy the DVD.