Monday, June 12, 2006

The power of Conan O'Brien

As you have probably heard (unless you've been living under a rock... which was living under another rock... inside an ancient cave of some sort... and with no contact to living things ... I think you get the idea), Conan O'Brien helped the current president of Finland win the elections by showing pictures of HER and him side by side on his show.

He used the apparent "resemblance" they have (they are both red heads) to crack jokes about her and how they are, in fact, long lost twins. Finland's citizens response was not what I had expected. As a matter of fact, it was the complete opposite of what I expected. It was a major factor in her winning the elections and even she acknowledged the fact that without him, she would not have won! She invited him to her country and had a date (more like a meeting) with him on valentine's day to show her appreciation.

Now that you know the background of the story, watch this hilarious video of Conan in an interview in a Finnish TV show. (Hint: Look at the male presentor pretending like he understands Conan's jokes)