Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hilarious clips

Check them out:

Family Guy clip: Stewie onboard plane. Enough Said.

Asian Backstreet Boys: I was honestly speechless when i saw this... then i burst out laughing for 3 minutes straight. i'll tell you one thing though, you'll either find it extremly hilarious or extremely weird.

Cool robot dancer: This clip is more amazing than it is funny. That kid can do the robot dance and still make it look cool. That's skill right there.

The Clips are provided by Google Video.

Hope you enjoyed the clips.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Watch one of the funniest shows currently on TV ... for free

You can stream the first premiere episode of season 2 for free! And it is legal, obviously, because u know me; i'd never encourage you to download copyrighted tv shows in great video quality for free from bittorrent websites like,,,, Kazaa, Imesh, Limewire, etc. now would i?

Check it out, its subtle humor not the laugh out loud kind, so give it a chance.

Here is the LINK TO THE OFFICE season 2 premiere (american remake).

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Xbox 360 campout (plan), Which also happens to be my first camp out (plan) ever.

It all started when i came across this picture on the morning of 1/12/05 ( xbox 360 launches 2/12/05).
It's Tesco's (UK's K-Mart equivalent) xbox 360 allocations for the whole of the UK. the first column after the city's name is how many Xbox 360 system's are going to be in that particular Tesco. The second column shows how many core systems are going to be there. As you can probably tell, there aren't a lot of systems on sale.

What makes this list so great is the fact that Tesco's don't take pre-orders. They sell on a first come first serve basis. Most videogame stores here in Cardiff, don't even take pre-orders for the system anymore! and the one's that do, will tell you that you will not get your system till February of next year!

I planned it all out, i was going to camp outside Tesco before midnight that day, with nothing more than an umbrella and lack of a social life motivating me. Then i realised that i was an idiot, an a** if you will, because Tesco is open 24 hours a day ... i didn't have to camp out.

Anyway, i got out of my flat at 11 pm (i wanted to be there early just in case). My flatmate decided to come with me after seeing how much the xbox 360 system's are going for on Ebay, and i don't blame him! One xbox 360 system was sold for $6000+! (are people retarded or just plain insane!?).

It was raining, it was windy, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... it was horrible, it was exciting and finally.... it just plain sucked. We reached Tesco all wet with water dripping off of us, and rushed to the electronics section. Everything went in slow motion after that (bullet time for you gamers out there). We found employees stacking a lot of new boxes on the shelves. I couldn't see what kind of boxes they were but i didn't care. i thought, there must be, atleast, one xbox 360 in between those. "damn, this is it, i'm finally getting my hands on an xbox 360 with perfect dark zero" i thought. i looked at my watch just to make sure, it was 11:30 pm, 30 minutes before the official xbox 360 launch. I walked up to one of the employees, he looked at me and smiled. I got worried. "Hey, do you have the xbox 360 in stock yet?" my flatmate asked him nervously and he simply replied "sold out".

Everything went dark after that. Mainly due to me closing my eyes. I was shocked and depressed. The employee noticed my dissapointment and said "They've been sold out from 7pm today". I don't know if he wanted to make me feel better or just get on my nerves even more. Either way, I wanted to punch him and say "that's illegal bitch!" or something cool like "thats against the law motha ******" but i didn't. I just walked away with my head down.

I thought nothing would cheer me up now, till i found houmous on the shelf... aah the houmous. I don't particularly like houmous but Tesco's houmous is incredible. If someone came up to me and offered me the last xbox 360 for free or the last houmous for 10 pounds ... well.. i'd probably take the xbox 360 but you catch my drift, right? (if you did, please email me because i sure as hell didn't).

I guess the moral of this story is, go buy yourself houmous if you can't buy an xbox 360.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

My first post in my first blog in my first year of university which coincidently, happens to be my first year living away from home...

You know how people say "university life is incredible!" and "university is da bomb" well i hate to break it to you guys (or guy, its a new blog i don't expect a lot of people to read this) but university life is not incredible... maybe its "da bomb" though... i don't really know what that means so i can't really comment on that. University life is OK! nothing more.

I know this post is short but this is my first one, so cut me some slack alright? It's not like i have nothing to do eh? What, you think im some kind of cheap filth that just types anything that comes into his mind!?
Well i DO have things to do and some people happen to like cheap filth so... yyeeeaaah.. take that!

Thanks for reading this. i meant every word of it with all my heart.
Yours truly
MK (Trust No One).